Nerds, Geeks, and the people who love them (Which on some days is merely tolerating them)

from Wikimedia Commons

I found myself in a very odd social situation the other day.  I was with a group of people and one of them was talking about a person (we’ll call him Irving) that for many years was a fixture in their house.  Irving would show up, and the family would just sort of live around him. Continue reading


A Transfiguration moment on Ash Wednesday

The reredos at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis

I had an interesting combination of events in these past ten days.  One has to do with the fact I had an amazing moment of grace happen 2 weeks ago in CPE (and I’m not yet ready to blog about it yet, because I’m still mulling over how to tell the story.)  The other was the few days leading up from this past Monday to Ash Wednesday. Continue reading