Rip van Winkle

Rip van Winkle, by Andrew Wyeth, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been a little slow this week posting, but I think mostly it’s because I’ve had a lot to take in.  It’s the “be careful what you ask for, b/c you might get it,” kind of stuff. Continue reading


Green and growing, when the rest of the world prepares for winter

This past summer, before I even started CPE, I knew I was, to put it bluntly, “in for a hell of a year.”  It was going to be a LOT of adjustment–adjusting to working part-time (and the loss of income that goes with it), adjusting to a regular commute for 30 weeks, adjusting to a weekly schedule of regular and constant change, and adjusting to moving outside of my parish community to do ministry.  I spent a lot of summer nights under the stars, on my deck and by my outdoor fireplace, pondering what I needed to do to care for myself. Continue reading

The Blank Page

"The Blank Page," by Rene Magritte (1967), courtesy of WikiArt.
“The Blank Page,” by Rene Magritte (1967), courtesy of WikiArt.

This week, in our CPE group, we presented our spiritual autobiographies.  I am no stranger to these.  I had to write one each of the 4 years in Education for Ministry (EfM) that I took prior to my discernment and postulancy.  I had to write one for my discernment committee.  I had to write one for the paperwork for postulancy.  Yet, when I had to present mine for CPE group, I found myself strangely emotional about it.  When asked why, at the time, my answer was, “I’m not sure…I don’t know.”  On the drive home, it hit me.  All the other times, it was written out and presented as a document, for people to read on their own time, in their own space.  This time my voice was the document, and it was coming from my space. Continue reading